Static, Live or Dynamic – Which Report is Best?

In the digital age there are so many options for how to best share information. Whether it is flashing across your screen, or filling your inbox, reports of all kinds are normal in the workplace. Whether with pictures, video or even streaming, how you share can determine the type of influence the information may have. How data is reported also determines the influence or relationship others have with that data.   Reports can be categorized into different types: live and static, as well as a lesser known type; dynamic. Static and live reports each have their own inherent advantages and disadvantages.  Knowing when to use each type of report is key to presenting the relevant information and improving performance and ease of use.

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Welcome to 5.5

5-5Coming off nearly another year of sleep deprivation our developers are pleased to announce the completion of PARCview’s next major version, 5.5!

Similar to the WPF expansion in our last major release, 5.5 is packed with new tools and treats that have our engineers salivating! From graphic logic controls to the new PARCview Configuration Manager we will take a closer look at some of the great new features in this release.

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Convince Your Boss to Send You to PARCtraining: 4 Strategies That Will Work

how-to-get-your-boss-to-let-you-go-to-trainingThe New Year is starting and now is the time to book your PARCview training session. With the new training calendar rolling out this is the perfect time to plan your get-a-way to the Northwest. Whether you need to escape the heat of summer, the cold of winter, or just need to get away from the plant, PARCtraining is your ticket to a welcome escape. Oh, did we mention the training?
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Introducing PARCview 5.4

PARCview-5.4Our developers have been locked away for months to bring you the greatest enhancements to PARCview since moving to 5.0. With cleaner screens, better flow, and enhanced capability 5.4 is our strongest release ever.

Converting to WPF Technology enables PARCview to be more user friendly and offer an experience very similar to working in native Windows. Want more? You got it! PARCgraphics now provides custom coding of your plant graphics and animations. Unlocking the potential of PARCgraphics to our users has long been our dream and we are excited to deliver this new tool. Don’t forget that PARCmobile is making the jump to HTML5 as well! These and many other advancements lie in store with version Check it out on our Portal today!

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