Why We’re Implementing the OPC UA Spec. (and how it will benefit our customers)

why-we-are-implementing-OPC-UAGoing back 15 years now, dataPARC had the notion of a “Process Area” that allowed tags from multiple systems to be organized by Asset, providing filters (like Grade or Product) for all tags assigned to an Asset and for other useful associations to be applied globally. Building on this experience, the next major version of PARCview takes the next step in Asset Management and includes an adoption of the ISA 95 companion specification to OPC UA. The implementation will allow end-users a familiar, standards-based architecture for organizing their plant data.
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Introducing PARCview 5.4

PARCview-5.4Our developers have been locked away for months to bring you the greatest enhancements to PARCview since moving to 5.0. With cleaner screens, better flow, and enhanced capability 5.4 is our strongest release ever.

Converting to WPF Technology enables PARCview to be more user friendly and offer an experience very similar to working in native Windows. Want more? You got it! PARCgraphics now provides custom coding of your plant graphics and animations. Unlocking the potential of PARCgraphics to our users has long been our dream and we are excited to deliver this new tool. Don’t forget that PARCmobile is making the jump to HTML5 as well! These and many other advancements lie in store with version Check it out on our Portal today!

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