How to Use Control Charts to Improve Manufacturing Quality

how-to-use-control-charts-to-improve-manufacturing-overlay2Note: a previous post on Centerlining is referenced in this article. It may be helpful for you to read that first, if you haven’t already done so.

Once a manufacturing process has been centerlined and is running relatively well, it is time to take the next step – measuring and tracking important product characteristics. One method of tracking involves the use of process control charts.

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How To Centerline A Process

centerliningConsistent product quality is important because customers want to know what they can expect from the products they purchase. One way to ensure consistency is to inspect every product after it is made and either reject or accept it.

However, in many cases, 100% product inspection is not efficient due to the variety, complexity, or volume of products being produced. A better way to ensure consistency is to make sure that the manufacturing process runs the same way all of the time. This is where centerlining can help.
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Calculating OEE: Formulas for Peak Performance

oee2Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a manufacturing performance metric that is used to identify lost opportunities and measure improvement efforts.

OEE combines downtime, speed, and quality losses into one metric to determine how much quality product is produced compared to how much should have been produced in a given time. Essentially, OEE measures the percentage of time that is actually productive. Calculating OEE is done by multiplying three factors together:
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15 Manufacturing Acronyms You Should Already Know

common manufacturing acronymsToday it seems that acronyms are being created and assimilated into everyday language faster than ever before. We run into them at the workplace, home, sporting events, and on the news. Some have become so commonplace that it is difficult to remember their meaning and origin. Think: DVD, LED, IQ, and GMO.

Manufacturing and processing industries have their own set of acronyms. Whether you are new and too shy to ask, or have been around for a while and have forgotten, here are the meanings of some of the more common manufacturing acronyms in use that are related to processes and operations:

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