Version – Get the scoop on this minor release Release


This version is a minor release improving on the features in the 5.5.2 series.




  • Added ability in Centerline Config to select a tag and then share it’s process to all tags in the Centerline.


  • DMODXN/HT2N contribution tags will now be created for each of the input tags, allowing tag contributions to be viewed over time.

PARCgraphics Designer

  • Deadband support added to comparison operators < , <= , > , >= . Deadband can be set as either a constant or a percent.

PARCview Manual

  • New tutorials added to PARCview Manual.

System Configuration

  • New setting added to System Defaults (SystemConfig>System Defaults>General) allowing uncertain quality values to be treated as good quality. This flag impacts values in Trend and PARCgraphics.



  • PARCValue now provides a ValObj property to more easily see if the value is null,  the Value property will return a DBNull value which is more appropriate as a legacy capability.

PARCcalc Support

  • Adding an “IncludeEndBound” parameter overload to “NormalizeToStep” that allows it to include the interval that starts on the end time. When normalizing IV tags, the final interval will only be a one second interval. Previously the function was only including intervals >= start and < end. If includeEndBound is true it will include all intervals that are >= start  and <= end

PARCview Localiztion

  • Added ability to check for and load current culture
  • Updated Chinese Localization files (Chinese language)


  • Refined bulk process update in Centerline Config to only update tags that have an undefined process.


  • Improved functionality and performance when performing backfill.


  • Add dead time feature to OPC DA sources, to allow avoiding artificial zero values put out when OPC DA server first connects.
  • Add options to wait between HDA tag registrations and sync reads.
  • Add flat file invariant culture parsing option.
  • Add option to wait between OPC DA tag and tag group registrations.
  • Add ability for OPC HDA sources to periodically check for new tags
  • Update PARCIO logging to include informational type messages in the log files.
  • Update max bad tag exceeded logic to only re-establish the connection up to the maximum retry amount.
  • Add ability to periodically check for changed or deactivated OPC DA tags
  • Add browsing for OPC DA servers from OPC DA source configuration window.


  • Add additional logging to log files.

Excel Add-In

  • Enable PARCxla SQL Calc sources work with Unicode characters in tag and source names.

PARCgraphic Designer

  • Modify “Symbol Compare Logic” to allow for more natural two-input connections and reverse inputs.